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With the dawning of the age of awareness comes a new set of challenges and a new set of rewards.

Each of us has the inherent potential to produce and create. One of the great production facilitating tools of our age is the personal computer (PC). 'Personal' implies a kind of smallness, yet the power of the latest of these machines defies this completely. Robust PCs are capable of intense data manipulation including graphics, video, sound, and text.

Networked together PCs offer an unprecedented pool of knowledge. Billions and billions of bits of information are now at our finger tips.

Positive mind productions strives to create, curate and orient you towards content that stimulates you to expand your conscious awareness so that you may intuitively navigate reality's sea of information.

When you exercise your creativity to create then you manifest the creativity of creation. There's nothing more than that.


Growing up I found myself experimenting, challenging, and commenting on just about everything I encountered. Teachers, parents, and institutions were some of my favorite targets. At some point along the way my outward struggle turned inward and battle began to rage within. The egotistical beast of selfish will is fierce indeed for it is the part of myself that denies the unity of all things. It is a part of myself that wants to be separate, distinct, and above. I heard a name in a hip-hop song one day that really resonated with me and I jokingly began to refer to myself by it. The "red eye jedi" was perpetually inundated with THC and immersed in an inner reality. Unfortunately, it also limited my ability to communicate. Friends of mine at the time would remember that I reduced everything to the word "energy" and was often condescending from my inner-space of THC-laden realization.

My first hint of a damaged nervous system emerged at one of the final grateful dead shows. Never really a fan preferring music that spoke to my state of mind and generation, I went along for the party. Some fungus and a chillum lead me to a horizontal crash onto the lawn at the Shoreline Amphitheater of the Bay Area. I plunged inward and found myself confronted by a huge organic green spinning orb. This orb pulsed with light and I felt just lovely. The next instant my dear friend Kai was above me shaking me powerfully his face a few inches from my own. There was a circle of people all around me looking down at me! Turns out I had been on the ground with my eyes wide open and jaw clinched having what looked to be a minor seizure of some kind. Just another sad freak at a dead show ... I spent the rest of the concert sitting in a little ball, rocking back and forth dwelling on who and what I was. I took it pretty easy after that and maintained that the only safe lens to use with my mind was THC. (This theory was blown out of the water when the endogenous compound THC mimics to have its effect was discovered in 1996)

In the later half of college I began to practice martial arts. Through the forms involved I began to develop a meditative mind. After a time I caught the attention of a friend who noting my concentration and interest, shared a silent Buddhist meditation with me. I started meditating pretty regularly. One day I was watching the movie Dead Presidents and something in me gave way! A young fellow stepped on a land mine and his body burst, spraying gore everywhere. Although just a movie it triggered something deep inside and I can no longer eat animal flesh. My state of mind just evolved out of the desire for it. When I see meat being eaten, someone might as well be there just gnawing on an arm. My reasons for stopping were not intellectual. Something just shifted and I stopped. Recognizing that others have not necessarily had such an experience, I don't expect expect to be moved to a vegetarian lifestyle (though I welcome it.)

After about a year of martial arts and a good six months of daily meditation I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga. During and after a three hour workshop (ironically lead by a former manager of the grateful dead!), I had a clear and conscious experience of Infinite consciousness. It was an experience beyond any reason and one which I am occasionally able to replicate through diligent regular practice. I have also found that the experience is dulled and limited by any drugs (a drug is any psychoactive substance which crosses the blood brain barrier including but not limited to caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol) and as such I haven't touched them since 1996. Thinking back on my experimentation, much of it was self medication. I was playing the role of both doctor and pharmacist. Overall I prefer clarity!

Now my life is concerned with earning a living, and the sharing and practice of the technology which brought me this experience. I spend my free time trying to stay centered and caring for my two children. As time and circumstance allow I continue to make music and grow the site.

Thanks for stopping by. Drop me a note if you like.