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Ken Wilber's akara numerology profile

Soul Gift Path
4 4 (13)
Mastery Knowledge 10
1 5

Soul Description

The Soul position represents your inner self. It is the moving force behind your personality, and is a part of your emotional makeup as well. This is an important factor in how a person makes decisions in their life. When you want to understand what is truly important to someone, look to their Soul.

Soul Analysis: 4

The number 4 in the Soul position represents someone who enjoys the structure, order, and form of things. "Give it to me in a box!" is an expression the 4 Soul can relate to. Four in this position needs to take care not to try and overly structure and organize their world and the people around them. Coming more from the heart is important for the 4 Soul. Then their true humanitarian spirit and serviceful nature will shine through.

Mastery Description

The Mastery position is your homework assignment in this life! It represents an area of experience that you will be working on perfection throughout your lifetime. An effort is required to manifest this Mastery in the Positive Pole. This is one of the calculations which connects you to other people. If your relationships are not working well, look to the Mastery position for the answer.

Mastery Analysis: 1

The number 1 in the Mastery position will require a person to learn lessons surrounding male energy (their's and others), and the ability to stand on ones's own feet. Independence, courage, and coming from the heart are all part of the 1 Mastery.

Gift Description

The Gift is your God given ability and talent. It's what you're good at, and what comes naturally to you. When you're using your Gift wisely, other people will appreciate you for it. The "Attitude of Gratitude" will help you to maintain your Gift in its best possible light.

Gift Analysis: 4

A Gift of 4 exemplifies the qualities of hard work, a neutral and balanced mind, and the ability to offer counsel and support to others. Four is the "Rock of Gibralter" archetype, in this position. Steady, trustworthy, and dependable are all typical 4 Gift qualities. The number 4 also represents words, and a 4 gift can give someone the ability to choose their words and language well.

Knowledge Description

The Knowledge position is what you know. It is a body of wisdom or expertise which you have been working on for many lifetimes. Your archival memory bank of experience is contained here. It represents an area of knowledge that you typically have a high degree of ability in. This is one of the places to look when you want to know the inner language of a person.

Knowledge Analysis: 5

Five in the Knowledge position means that a person has been in the role of a teacher or communicator for many lifetimes. Five in this position will usually give a person good health and endurance. Additionally, a Knowledge of 5 can be someone who has worked as a freedom fighter in many lifetimes, creating social change and revolution.

Path Description

The Path is your fulfillment in life. This is where you will find the greatest joy, fulfillment, and expression of your Soul. It is an important position to look towards for long range planning and setting goals. Does it resonate with your Path? A person's Path will unfold more effortlessly when their Soul and Mastery are in the Positive Pole.

Path Analysis: 10

A Path of 10 finds fulfillment in leadership and accomplishment. Whether the chairman of the board or a missionary in the Peace Corps, the 10 Path will like to lead the way and receive the rewards for its brilliance. Degrees, awards, and certificates are all appreciated by this 10. Their personal flair and inspirational ability can take them far in life, and they will find the greatest fulfillment when they allow themselves to reach the stars.

All of the text provided was taken from the fabulous book
Akara Numerology
-The Numerology of the New Age
by Nam Hari K. Khalsa - (505) 753-4899