Matthew M. Austin
cell: 541-953-5969
email: matthew /at/

Objective: Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Psychology.

20+ Years Of Professional Technology Experience
Senior-level Server-side Web Development - construction of dynamic database-driven sites/applications using any of the following: Perl/CGI, JSP/Servlet, php, ASP, Open Market's IPS - Content Server & Xcelerate applications (including installation, configuration, development, and deployment), and/or Sybase Power Dynamo Application Server (utilizes server side JavaScript).
Senior-level Unix Systems Administrator - DNS, SMTP, POP, IMAP(S), Samba, and file/print servers. Bash scripting, source code management, redundancy, backup/recovery, cluster installation/management, and firewalling.
Mid-level Client-side Web Development - cross browser, cross platform with HTML (2.0 - 4.0)/XHTML 1, Dynamic HTML ( CSS1 + DOM + JavaScript), and some Java Applets.
Mid-level Web Mastery - deployment using Apache (*NIX: Solaris, Linux, BSDs -or- win32/x64) or using IIS on NT/20XX Server.
Mid-level Windows System Administrator - mixed client environments including (Windows 9X, NT WS 4.0, Windows NT Server/Enterprise 4.0, 20XX professional/server, XP, 7, 10). Knowledge and experience using MS WINS, DNS, DHCP, and services for Macintosh. File/print servers.
Mid-level DBA - Oracle installation, configuration, and usage. SQL Server Anywhere installation, construction, and administration. MS SQL Server installation, construction, backups, and usage.
Associate-level Network Engineer - skills including running cables, configuring NIC cards, DHCP servers, configuration of Checkpoint FW-1/VPN-1 (and other firewalls), setting up hubs, switches, and routers. Experience setting up full/partial public class C and maintaining partial public class B networks.

Languages: C# (3 yrs), Java (2.5+ yrs), SQL (7 yrs), XML (XSLT, XHTML) (2+ yrs), php (5 yrs), Perl (3.0 yrs), Python (3 yrs), JavaScript (3.0 yrs), (X)HTML (2.0 - 4.0 + CSS1/2) (12 yrs), Bash scripting - familiar with C/C++ (note: these are cumulative years of actual usage).

OS: Linux (Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS, Debian/Ubuntu, Gentoo, Suse, Rocks Cluster, & Mandrake 8.0), UNIX (Sun Solaris 2.5 -2.7,10, & 11), Windows (9X, NT 4.0, ME, 20XX, XP, 7 & 10), MAC (OS7.x, 8.x, & X.x), and familiar with IPSO, FreeBSD, netBSD, openBSD

Database: Oracle 7.3.4, 8.0.x, 10g, 11g & 12c, MS SQL 7.0, 2012, 2016,

Cloud: AWS, Azure

• editors: vi (or vim preferably), UltraEdit 32, notepad++, and jEdit.
• source code control: Git, Subversion, CVS, WinCVS, perforce, and Visual Source Safe.
• virtualization: vmware, parallels.
• remote operation: Windows Remote Desktop, Apple Remote Desktop, LogMeIn, Timbuktu, Pc Anywhere, and VNC.
• screen sharing:, and Zoom
• backup: Veritas and Amanda.
• Win32 Unix interoperability: Cygwin, NFS Maestro, MKS Toolkit, various X-clients.
• mail: Sendmail, Exim, Cyrus-IMAP, and postfix.
• Apache Group: Apache 1.3.x-2.x, mod_perl, tomcat, & familiar with Cocoon).
• Microsoft: IIS 3.0 - 8.0, ASP, FrontPage 98/2000, IE4.1 - 11.x and Office 97-Office 365.
• Macromedia/Allaire: HomeSite 4.0, Dreamweaver2, Generator2, Fireworks2, & familiar with JRun.
• Netscape: Application Server, Enterprise Server, navigator 3.0 & 4.X + mozilla.
• Open Market: IPS Content Server 2.x and Xcelerate 2.0.
• miscellaneous: standard command line tools, Forte/Netbeans, Resin, PGP/gnupg, Checkpoint FW-1/VPN-1, Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.3x, SWISH-E, various other CGI applications, Toad (client for Oracle), Bind 9, and Lotus Notes/Domino.

• Digidesign: Protools LE 6.x.
• Cakewalk: 7.0 - 9.0, and Sonar 2.x.
• Adobe: Premiere 5.1c, and Photoshop.
• Sonic Foundry: CD Architect, and Noise Reduction plug-in.
• miscellaneous: Reason, DVTools, and WAVES plug-ins.

Hardware: Intel-based desktops, laptops, and servers, Sun Sparc/Ultra Sparc work stations/servers, Macintosh desktops and laptops, (PCI Cards: Modem, Sound (including Layla 20bit A/D card), Video, and NIC), (SCSI: Disk Controllers, Raid Controllers, Tape Drives), (IEEE1394: drives, video cameras, etc.), (USB1.1-3.0: mbox and various peripheals), thunderbolt, HP laser printers, SonicWall security appliance/firewall, Nokia IP440.

Work experience May 1996 - Present: - On Time Systems, Inc. (June 2002 - June 2019) Eugene, Oregon - Connected Signals, Inc. (October 2015 - August 2017) Eugene, Oregon
Contract Systems Architect - Architecture and administration of AWS infrastructure. Prototype Web development for website. Deployed and tuned wordpress site. Apache webmaster. Local IT needs of the company. (*note* CS is a spinoff of On Time Systems, Inc.) - Spa finder, Inc. (April 2001 - February 2002) San Francisco, California - Scale Eight (April 2001) San Francisco, California
Contract Web Developer - developed a small php/mySQL web based sales tool. - Internet Pictures Corporation (September 2000 - February 2001) San Ramon, California
Web Developer - the Rimfire engineering group's web-developer responsibilities include: being a sales engineer for sales/project management; facilitating JavaScript-based Rimfire API code integrations for Ipix solutions customers; conveying the usage of the DOM to software engineers, an example of which would be to use form-based event handlers to script the behavior of Java applets or activeX controls; customizing and deploying 1300-line Perl script in our development Linux environment involving compiling, installing and configuring Apache 1.3.12 and mod_perl 1.24; administering development-environment systems with the following OSs: Linux (mandrake distro), Solaris, and NT 4.0/Windows 2000 systems; re-factoring of Macromedia Generator 2 templates to be more efficient for dynamic server-side flash creation; extending the development of the 2600-line JavaScript Rimfire Image Application Server's client API; thinking about the web and ways to expand our service offerings, inclusive of investigating potential technologies and providing proof-of-concept usage when applicable; developing proof-of-concept test-tools and providing them to the business-customer driving the feature; maintaining and developing ASP-based QA test tools for Rimfire features that are retained. - MyPrimeTime, Inc. (August 1999 - September 2000) San Francisco, California
Web System Operator (hybrid of HTML/XML coding, Perl scripting, UNIX Systems Administration/Web Mastering), NT Systems Administrator/Win32 Technical Lead, Associate UNIX Systems Administrator, Associate Network Engineer - As employee number 14 and one of the first technical people on board, I operated in numerous roles during the initial startup phase. I built and configured our publishing systems Sun E-450, inclusive of installing and configuring two raid-5 arrays (five 9GB SCSI cheetahs each) and 2 OS drives. After the box was built I installed our web-publishing system then known as futuretense, which involved the installation and configuration of Netscape Enterprise Web Server, Netscape Application Server, and Oracle 8.0.5. I built the initial network in tandem with our network consultants and finally settled more or less into the task I was hired to do: build a dynamic database-driven site. The web development involved deploying and customizing Perl/CGI scripts and authoring HTML (3.2 then 4.0 on redesign), XML & JavaScript within the publishing system. The XML usage in the publishing system is similar to XHTML with some if/else logic and SQL added in. - Sybase, Inc. (July 1997 - July 1999) Emeryville, California

Oakland and Piedmont Unified School Districts (April 1997 - July 1997) Oakland & Piedmont, California
Substitute Teacher for Grades K - 12 in all subjects.

Certified Personnel (September 1996 - April 1997) San Francisco, California
Paralegal work at various law firms. Participated in constructing and maintaining a case database.

BAPInteractive (May 1996 - August 1996) Burbank, California
Quality assurance and beta testing of educational CD-interactive children's game. Sonic's Schoolhouse, released by SEGA Corporation, represented Sega's initial entry to the PC software market.

• Security clearance
• Microsoft Network Specialist Certificate UC Berkeley extension February 1999
• Microsoft Certified Professional December 1999
• Certificates of completion - Microsoft Official Curriculum Courses:

  1. Hands-On Windows NT Workstation, Server, and Enterprise Server
  2. Administering Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
  3. Windows '95/'98 Technical Support
  4. Implementing Microsoft TCP/IP
  5. MS Exchange 5.
  6. MS Networking Essentials

• Sybase SQL Server Anywhere Fundamentals
• AIM certificates of training completion for Lotus Notes Users both beginning and intermediate.
• BA Psychology University of California at Berkeley August 1992 - August 1996

• Meditation and mindfulness expertise.
• The practice, instruction, and study of Kundalini Yoga.
Music - creation, recording, performance, and production. (see also

References available upon request