siri dhyan
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"japji for the common man of 2003 ... my attempt to do for japji what Stephen Mitchell did for the Tao Te Ching"

vibrate soul

One infinite cause
the true vibe
the being does
fearless vengeless
eternal projection
without ancestor
self illumined
enlightner's gift
repeat this chant
true backward
true forward
true now
positivity, true it will ever be (intro)

running the mind no mindfulness comes even after a googol of thoughts
with mouth closed mind still blabbers even with endless ritual
the hungry are still hungry with an endless supply of food
when the body drops no manipulative gain goes with
how to be true?
how to break free of the matrix?
walk the balanced path
positivity, the program's included (1)

the force provides structure, force defies description
the force birthed soul, force introduces greatness
the force makes some deep and some shallow, force preprograms good times and bad times
some the force blesses, others are forced to rebirth
we're all within the force
positivity, if you're one with the force there's no selfish will (2)

some praise the vibe; who becomes the vibe?
some praise the gift understanding the sign
some praise the qualities and beautiful wonders
some praise the knowledge and deep reflection
some praise the fashioning and dusting of bodies
some praise the giving and taking of souls
some sing of the infinite appearing far off
some sing of seeing the infinite face to face
there's no lack of preaching
there are billions and billions of preachers who've preached
the giver gives and the takers grow weary
through all time consumers consume
the force forces the balanced paths movement
positivity, the infinite blooms carefree (3)

the cosmic master is true and there's true accountability, folks talk about that infinite love
folks beg
the giver gives
what offering can you make to see the promised land?
what can you say that upon hearing the infinite extends its love
in the pre-dawn, vibe on the greatness and go deep
by your action clarity comes and you'll see the gate
positivity, that's how you experience the infinite (4)

not put there, not made
pure infinity all by itself
the one who serves infinity gets everything
positivity, sing of the supreme
sing about it, listen to it, and fill the mind with love
drop sorrow and take peace home
the enlightener vibrates, the enlighter enlightens
the enlightener maintains the merger
the enlightener is positive, negative, and neutral
the enlightener is yin and yang (5)

having the experience I can't describe what goes beyond description
the enlightener stressed one thing; there is one giver of all souls
may I remain merged in that giver
I perform worship to please the infinite, without pleasing the infinite, what's the point of worship?
I see how many the creator created
without good actions, what's obtained?
in the subtlety of the mind all desires are met if the enlighteners lesson is absorbed
the enlightener stressed one thing; there is one giver of all souls
may I remain merged in that giver (6)

... to be continued