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locus of contentment

Years ago I was introduced to the idea of a locus of control. Some folks orient to an internal locus of control as in they within themselves are responsible for creating their circumstances. Others relate to an exterior locus in the form of some parental God or maybe the cosmos at large. The teacher joked that during an earthquake a person with an internal locus of control moves to a doorway for protection where as his mom just sits there with the house shaking "it's God's will!"

So as relationships come and relationships go I've had to face the question of where is my locus of contentment? Without this person or that person in my life how can I be content. With the hurricanes and other natural disasters I've come to know that my basic needs are met. I have food, shelter, and clothing. The rest is in my head I like to joke ;) So with the grief of a relationship ending there is a return to basics. As the emotional ties are severed you're left with this tremendous ache. There comes a point where you've got to look within and find a space of contentment. The eye of the storm ...

Life for me at this point is about establishing myself in a space of contentment, growing that space and participating from that space with others.