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Music is a permutation of sound and rhythmic vibration. It has the power to uplift and the power to destroy. Essentially it derives its power from the same primal beginning from which we find our beginning. If you consider for a moment that your body is made of trillions of cells composed of countless atoms formed from different combinations of positive, negative and neutral particles all dancing an infinite dance; then you might begin to perceive that when you focus the mind and body into the rhythmic tonal essence of music, you have the potential to change the frequency of your relationship to your existence. The degree of change in your mental and physical frequency is proportional to the degree of absorption in the music.

The phenomenon of entrainment really penetrates through to the essence of musical absorption. If you have two mechanical clocks side by side, which are just a half second apart, overtime through the physics of the vibrational space they share, they will fall exactly in time with each other. Now as human beings we have the ability to entrain the frequency of our thoughts into perfect alignment with any other vibration including the vibration of the music to which we listen.

This section of is dedicated to music that attempts to inspire a person to acknowledge and consciously merge with the total cosmic vibration of infinity.

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