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When I mention to folks that I am a yogi, more often than not people assume I am extremely flexible and capable of contorting my body in any number of ways. (Alternatively some hold the conception that I am somehow associated with jellystone national park or baseball!) In reality being a yogi means that on a practical level I am engaged in the discipline of yoking my mind to a state of consistent conscious awareness of the totality of existence, both known and unknown. I strive to have complete flexible control over my mind, my thoughts, and overall focus at any given moment: the overarching goal being "yoga," or evenness of mind.

Many times people have developed the idea of yoga as exercise from observing the practice of hatha yoga, one particular branch of the yogic tree. I am a practitioner of kundalini yoga, the "yoga of awareness." Hatha yoga emphasizes asanas or postures of yoga and focuses heavily on flexibility. Asanas are also used within kundalini yoga but in addition they may be accompanied with mudras (hand positions), pranayams (controlled breathing techniques), and mantras (conscious use of sound current). These are given in kriyas or synergistic sequences of actions designed by the ancient sages to unlock the total potential awareness of the being. The end result of kundalini yoga's sequential combination of mantras, mudras, asanas, and pranayams is a concise and powerful effect culminating in immediate expansion of consciousness.

Kundalini yoga is the most powerful tool of self-transformation that I have had the grace and blessing to encounter in my lifetime.

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